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Media Create Japanese Charts Week Ending Sept 12, 2010

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Namco Bandai's One Piece: Gigant Battle for Nintendo DS debuted on top of the Japanese retail game sales charts this week, outselling all other games by a wide margin. For the week ended September 12, the DS title sold 131,854 units, with the number two title, Capcom's Monster Hunter Diary: Pokapoka Ailu Village, immediately following with 55,569 units sold, announced tracking firm Media Create.Media Create

One Piece: Gigant Battle is a fighting game based on the popular manga series One Piece, and features gameplay similar to that of Smash Bros. or the Japanese-only Jump Superstars, which also included characters from the One Piece manga.

Nintendo's Metroid: Other M, which made its debut last week at number three, dropped to number five this week with just 11,239 units sold—only 24% of what it sold the previous week.

Other new titles this week include Vitamin X: Evolution Plus and Sengoku Efuda Yuugi: Hototogisu Tairan for PSP, which landed at numbers eight and 10, respectively.

Games that fell from the top 10 include Square-Enix's reprint of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and PSP fighting game Bleach: Heat the Soul 7.

Yuke published UFC 2010 Undisputed 2010 made its debut this week, but failed to reach the top 10, landing at number 16.

1 One Piece: Gigant Battle – Namco Bandai (DS) – 131,854 / NEW
2 Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airu Village – Capcom (PSP) – 55,569
3 Wii Party – Nintendo (Wii) – 44,908
4 Ace Combat X2: Joint Assault – Namco Bandai (PS3) – 12,667
5 Metroid: Other M – Nintendo (Wii) – 11,239
6 Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Nintendo (Wii) – 9,827
7 Art Academy – Nintendo (DS) – 8,172
8 VitaminX Evolution Plus – D3 Publisher (PSP) – 7,975 / NEW
9 Inazuma Eleven 3: World Challenge!! Spark/Bomber – Level-5 (DS) – 7,640
10 Sengoku Efuda Yuugi: Hototogisu Taira – Irem (PSP) – 7,407

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