Japanese Sales Charts w/e Sept 19, 2010

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With the release of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White in Japan last week, there was never even a glimmer of hope for any other title, and the very best position on the weekly sales chart that any game could have dreamed of achieving would be second. Taking the combined sales of the Pokemon games into consideration, second may as well be first, because the number of units Nintendo and Game Freak’s latest titles managed to sell is… unnatural.Media Create

According to Media Create, over 2.5 million copies of Pokemon Black and White were sold for the week ending September 19th. The next best-selling game?

Debut title Front Mission: Evolved for PS3, with a (comparatively) pitiful 51,000 units sold. Why did they even bother… Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Tag Force 5 for PSP also debuted on the Japanese Software Sales Chart this week, and sold almost 46,000 copies to place in third.

Another newcomer to the chart, and another heavy-hitter (only in other regions of the world), Halo: Reach launched in Japan and sold 45,000 copies to chart at No. 4, helping the Xbox 360 sell 3,000 more units than the usual weekly total.

Wii Party was semi-oblivious to all of the action taking place further up the listing and continued to do business as usual, this week selling 36 500 copies and charted at No. 5, down from No. 3 last week. Just a few thousand more units to go until that one million life-to-date mark…

One-time chart dominator Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Ailu Village slipped down to No. 6 from No. 2 and sold 28,000 units for its trouble, while last week’s No. 1, One Piece: Gigant Battle, sold just over 28,000 units to place in at No. 7.

Debut title Blue Roses: Yousei to Aoi Hitomi no Senshitachi for PSP landed on the chart at No. 8 with nearly 10,000 copies sold, Taiko Drum Master DS: Dororon! Battle With the Ghouls!! for the DS sold almost 9,000 units to sit at No. 9 (up from No. 13 last week), and Super Mario Galaxy 2 held on at No. 10 with 8,000 units sold.

Software Chart

  1.  Pokemon Black / White (Pokemon Co.) - NDS – 2,557,779 / NEW
  2.  Front Mission: Evolved (Square Enix) - PS3 – 51,084 / NEW
  3.  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Tag Force 5 (Konami) – PSP - 45,879 / NEW
  4.  Halo: Reach (Microsoft Game Studios) – 360 – 44,413 / NEW
  5.  Wii Party (Nintendo) - Wii – 36,547
  6.  Monster Hunter Diary: Pokapoka Ailu Village (Capcom) - PSP – 28,627
  7.  One Piece: Gigant Battle (Bandai Namco) - NDS – 28,123
  8.  Blue Roses: Yousei to Aoi Hitomi no Senshitachi (Nippon Ichi Software) - PSP – 9,846 / NEW
  9.  Taiko Drum Master DS: Dororon! Battle With the Ghouls!! (Bandai Namco) - NDS – 8,729
  10.  Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Nintendo) – Wii – 8,178

More wonderful sales numbers, including this week's hardware winners, right after the page break..

Following many weeks of Japanese market dominance on the part of the PSP, Nintendo’s DS has put its hand up to challenge Sony’s towering beast. The result?  Both the DSi and DSi LL have managed to topple the creature and exceed the weekly sales numbers accrued by the PSP.

The release of Pokemon Black and White in Japan last week just might have something to do with this turn of events…

For the week ending September 19th in Japan, the Nintendo DSi sold over 47,000 units to claim the top spot on Media Create’s Hardware Sales Chart, followed by the console’s younger (but bigger) sibling, the DSi LL with a little over 31,000 units sold.

Almost 30,000 PSP consoles made their way into Japanese hands, pockets and backpacks this week – under a thousand units less than the number of consoles sold last week, but not enough to curb the tide of the DS/Pokemon combination.

The PS3 sold a little more this week compared to last, with 21,000 units going out this week, while the Wii sold a little less, down to almost 15 000 consoles sold this past week in Japan. The DS Lite, meanwhile, was also affected slightly by the release of Pokemon, with an increase in sales of around 3,000 units taking the total to just over 7,000 for the week.

Xbox 360 sales increased up to nearly 6,000 units (up from 3,000 last week) thanks to the release of Halo: Reach in Japan, while PS2 and PSPgo sales remained fairly static at 1,300 and 800 units respectively.

Hardware Chart

  1. DSi – 47,379
  2. DSi LL – 31,254
  3. PSP – 29,866
  4. PS3 – 21,096
  5. Wii – 14,833
  6. DS Lite – 7,137
  7. Xbox 360 – 5,804
  8. PS2 – 1,390
  9. PSP go – 863

Source: Media Create via el33tonline.com

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